Here are free songs composed and recorded in 90 minutes or less by Doctor Noize & young Noizemakers attending his Create A Hit Song With Doctor Noize! workshops…

This song was written and recorded in 60 minutes by Doctor Noize and the kids at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum on New Year’s Eve 2011.  It’s Called:

This song was written and recorded in 60 minutes with kids at the worlds largest children’s museum in Indianapolis…

Chris The Alien!


  • [play-button:soundfiles/Sidneys_Birthday.mp3]  Sidney’s Birthday Download
  • [play-button:soundfiles/Meat_Eaters_v_Horn_Heads.mp3]  Meat Eaters v Horn Heads Download
  • [play-button:soundfiles/My_Puppies_Dont_Love_Me.mp3]  My Puppies Don’t Love Me Download
  • [play-button:soundfiles/I_Like_Food.mp3]  I Like Food Download
  • [play-button:soundfiles/Superman_and_Spiderman.mp3]  Superman & Spiderman Download
  • [play-button:soundfiles/FunkyFrogz.mp3]  Funky Frogz Download
  • [play-button:soundfiles/DragonsLickingLollipops.mp3]  Dragons Licking Lollipops Download
  • [play-button:soundfiles/SupercoolMsTheresa.mp3]  Supercool Ms. Theresa Download


Radio Interview on KRFC Fort Collins!

[play-button:soundfiles/KRFC-2010-08-17.mp3]  Interview Download MP3

Looping Instruments and Voices LIVE in California

[flv:DrNoize_03.flv 400 225]The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof live. Sing along if you must.

Kaia’s Song LIVE at the Benefit Concert for Kaia Emery

[flv:KaiaSong.flv 400 300]An improvised song at Stanford for Kaia and her dad Brian.

Doctor Noize LIVE on Denver Channel 2 Morning Show

[flv:Channel2.flv 400 300]Looping some ridiculous stuff with Channel 2’s Chris Parente.