Mission Statement:  Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art and words.

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Chart-topping children's recording and performing artist Doctor Noize is many things: Stanford Music grad, Master of Recording Arts, entrepreneur, author, app creator, studio owner, speaker, commissioned composer for stage and screen and goofball.

With chart hits in three decades, the Doc’s catalog of recordings is a unique combination of exuberant joy, high-quality production, revered collaborators, and narrative musical structure.  Each album is an adventure balancing inspirational learning with positive storytelling and songwriting all ages can explore.  His work teaches instruments, music fundamentals, language, leadership, sustainability, equity, diversity and inclusion — all through the eyes of characters so engaging you won’t even know you’re learning.

Known for his virtuosic one-man-band shows nationwide, The Doc sings and plays a host of instruments, which he uses to loop record and write songs with his audiences on the spot.  His diverse performances range from acoustic shows and book readings in smaller venues to groundbreaking symphony performances such as his acclaimed work Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony introducing newcomers to the wide world of orchestral music.

Doctor Noize’s innovative children's workshops and curricula — developed through his Master's Thesis on K-6 Recording Arts Education — draw on his lifetime of experience as a student, teacher, parent, musician and leader.  He's been an award-winning high school Arts Department Head; full-time college Professor and Director of Recording Arts at Regis University; elected to the Recording Academy Board of Governors; on the Board of Christian Youth Theater as a non-denominational advisor; and won a Stanford STARS Award for his volunteer service, where he's both lead and helped achieve the largest attendance ever at a reunion. He now runs Stanford's acclaimed Recording Arts program in the summers and serves on the Board of the Stanford Alumni for Climate Action.

The Doc's alter ego Cory Cullinan is a renowned composer, recording and performing artist for adults; sought-out Producer; owner of multimedia production house Reach Studios; and writer of a beloved inspirational Noizeletter. But his #1 calling is husband and father to three action/adventure superwomen who fuel him with inspiration that propel his drive for creativity, curiosity and character.  Drawing on his open-minded approach, Doctor Noize and his main monkey Phineas McBoof have more experiences yet to share, as they continue on the journey to teach about music, words, and the world we love.

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