Putting the fun in funk and finding the joy in collaboration and sustainability, the Doc joins an all-star band for a multicultural hip-hop album inspiring us to live by a groove that feels so much like dancing, you’ll hardly know you’re also saving the planet we all love and live in.

Fronted by international hip hop sensation, Konshens The MC, Funk The Earth is a multi-racial, international collaboration between people who share a common goal for positive social impact and sustainability.

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Doctor Noize productions inspire kids' minds and creativity and bring friends and families together.  Stream Funk The Earth here free because the Doc believes great educational media should be available to all.  Then go pay it forward with what you do in your own life.

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My gratitude’s off the charts to have a hand in this positive, proactive, inclusive, multi-racial & international project. Global sustainability’s the issue of our time, but it’s also the issue of our children’s future. Time to get ’em in the loop, in a fun & funky way, to build a brighter tomorrow holistically. Our record’s a hurricane of love for the earth & its people.

Doctor Noize

While fronted by the undeniable charm and lyrical wizard of hip-hop artist, songwriter, educator and youth advocate Konshens The MC, underneath the hood Funk The Earth is precisely what it inspires others to be: a multi-racial, international collaboration between people who share a common goal to preserve the world and make it an even better place. The production is the joint effort of songwriters and producers Konshens, Lonnie Park, Ricky Kej and Doctor Noize.

The four collaborated writing the songs, performing, and producing, brought together by a common love of exquisite production values and a passion for the world we live in. Grammy®-winning artist Ricky Kej hails from India and is known globally as a UNCCD Land Ambassador and UNESCO Global Ambassador for Kindness. Producer and singer extraordinaire Lonnie Park has been touring and working with Ricky for the last six years in many countries and concerts. Konshens' gift for poetry and performance made him the perfect messenger for the songs they wanted to bring the world.