Looking for a new and inspiring way to introduce orchestral music to kids? Tired of people yawning at poorly conceived family orchestral shows? Doctor Noize has two high-energy answers to inspire the next generation to a love of fine art music:

Kids walked in not caring about classical music, and walked out thinking that anyone who thinks kids can’t handle classical music is uncool.
Elementary School Teacher
Montana Symphony Show
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The Crowd Goes Bananas

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Want a show integrating both Doctor Noize hits and established classical repertoire? Doctor Noize Goes Bananas! finds the orchestra taking Doctor Noize on a tour of the music history periods.  We follow one of the Doc’s musical themes through music history, explore masterpieces of each period, and interact and engage with our young audience to get them deeply involved in the music.  Doctor Noize -- with his background teaching an innovative classical music history course to kids -- can help you program the repertoire if you'd like. Or simply incorporate repertoire the orchestra is already performing for its adult concerts.

From that, we'll construct a 45-60 minute show based on a tried and true template the Doc has performed in multiple cities with multiple orchestras. In a humorous and powerful transformation, Doctor Noize begins the show thinking classical music is an outdated form of music that has no relevance to the modern world. Through fun, exciting and human exploration, the Doc and his audience learn that classical music is not only relevant to modern listeners, but offers a world of colorful creativity that is custom-built for the imagination and creativity of a child.

Need a great Guest Conductor to lead your Doctor Noize Symphony Show? Kyle Wiley Pickett, who premiered the show and conducted the Banana, Che Cosa recording above with the North State Symphony, knows the scores inside and out and is adept at energetic kids' shows.