With a story and scores from the acclaimed recording, this kid-tested interactive show features a comic diva trying to upend the concert, teaches instruments and the connection between modern pop and sonata form through Beethoven, and connects audience to orchestra.

I had tears in my eyes when you asked a thousand kids if they wanted to hear Beethoven’s Fifth, and they screamed yes like it was a rock show.
Briar Segal
Opera Kids!
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How dare you get these kids interested in sophisticated classical music!  Kids… are NOT SMART ENOUGH for that stuff!

Mama (Inspiring Kids To Prove The Opposite)

An odyssey into the world of the orchestra. Join Doctor Noize and The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses as they embark on a search for Phineas McBoof and find him at his new gig as an orchestral conductor. With Doctor Noize's trademark flair as an entertainer, audiences are introduced to instrumentation, orchestration, and the joy of the most colorful form of music in the Doc's acclaimed orchestral work of musical theater. Will Mama -- who hates classical music -- stop Phineas and Doctor Noize from staging the show of a lifetime? Time will tell...

This is probably the only truly interactive work of orchestral music you will ever see. Kids selected during the show play characters onstage.  Optional solo parts for local kids and a children's choir are part of the score.  Originally a commission from The McConnell Foundation and premiered with California's North State Symphony, this impactful and irresistible program has been performed with orchestras from Alaska to Montana to Missouri.  "That was an auditorium of 'pure joy,' and who wouldn’t love being a part of that?!!" wrote Denver University Woodwind Department Chair Art Bouton.

Need a great Guest Conductor to lead your Doctor Noize Symphony Show? Kyle Wiley Pickett, who premiered the show and conducted the recording with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, knows the scores inside and out conducts and sings the role of Phineas McBoof.