From the international hit app Bananas! to the groundbreaking word app Grammaropolis, these mobile apps featuring Doctor Noize songs and characters challenge your brain, curiosity and motor skills.  Have fun and learn at the same time.

Bright, cheerful, and very entertaining.
MaryAnn Karre

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We’ve made sure to offer a little of everything to fans with the Doctor Noize Apps — from games with established hit game makers to interactive ebooks and deep educational ventures.

Doctor Noize

Doctor Noize creatively teamed with two fantastic app developers — Grammaropolis and Dream Cortex — to create one-of-a-kind apps to engage your mind and motor.  Bananas! -- an addictive motor skills game featuring six versions of the Doc’s hit song Banana -- was a Top 25 App in dozens of countries.  The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof Interactive Book takes you deeper into the story than ever before, as characters move and talk to you, Doctor Noize himself reads the book to you, and you can remix your own version of The Band’s theme song!

The renowned Grammaropolis brand has teamed up with Doctor Noize to launch a love of words into the future.  Featuring the songs and characters from Doctor Noize’s Grammaropolis album and much more, the fun and comprehensive Grammaropolis app gives you an amazing command of words beneath the music, images and games.  Accept the challenge from the Mayor Of Grammaropolis.  Game on!