Here's basic info on Doctor Noize's stage plotting and show tech.


Performance Space

Doctor Noize’s onstage gear for Doctor Noize Live! requires an 8’ deep x 12’ wide space. See the Stage Plot Diagram below for details. The stage is recommended to be at least twice that size, and larger if possible, to accommodate his onstage movement and the audience members he invites onstage during the show.

Doctor Noize requires a single three-pronged outlet or extension cord within six feet of his stage setup.  At an outdoor venue, Doctor Noize's onstage equipment must be protected from water and rain or it will be damaged.

Doctor Noize Unplugged requires a smaller performance space and no audio tech.


Doctor Noize mixes his instruments live onstage into an audio interface hooked to a Mac laptop. He sends out a stereo balanced or unbalanced 1/4” or XLR signal to the PA system that's a final mix of all the vocals and instruments he performs and loops onstage.

Because he loop records live, a monitoring system is needed, but Doctor Noize brings his own in-ear monitoring system, so no onstage monitor is needed if you don't have one.

If you don't have a PA system, Doctor Noize Inc. has a great one that works in all but the largest venues. Contact if you'd like Doctor Noize to bring and operate his PA for a small additional fee, or if you'd like to discuss any other audio needs.


Doctor Noize has wonderful animated videos and educational live-action videos that serve well as pre-show entertainment for early audience arrivers. If your venue has a projection screen, let us know if you'd like a pre-show DVD to broadcast!