Former award-winning high school department head? Recording ace? Stanford undergrad music alumni and recording arts teacher? Writer of a thesis in K-6 Recording Arts education? Yep, Doctor Noize knows music education inside and out, and he's ready to share the fun!

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It’s hard to get more excited about music than Doctor Noize. This is a man on a mission – to help youngsters discover their ‘song of life’ and have the courage to share it.
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It’s imperative that we reteach our culture to be curious and intellectual.  As a lifelong student and teacher — and a parent and children’s musician in the modern technology age — I consider it my duty to impart a love of learning and the joy of building a sophisticated intellect to the next generation.

Doctor Noize

Assembly Shows
The Doc brings high energy fun with his education-focused discography and interactive songs that are partially written live with the kids in the audience! Book a writing and recording workshop with the show, and your mini-Mozarts can perform their masterpiece, too!

Read a testimonial by a California elementary school principal here!

Choose one of Doctor Noize's well-honed inspirational workshop topics, or design one of your own in collaboration with him.  Let's bring our positive energy and get these kids thinking, reaching and growing together! 

  • Write & Record A Hit Song With Doctor Noize!
    Discover your inner songwriter! In 90 minutes, Doctor Noize writes and records a song with kids in an energized and challenging interactive workshop unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Listen to previous workshop songs here! This workshop is based on the Doc’s popular high school songwriting and recording class that yielded 150 student songs during the Doc’s five-year teaching tenure.
  • From Beethoven To Bieber:  How To Listen
    Kids will interactively master Popular Song Structure, and then the Doc will unlock a secret to blow their minds:  their favorite songs are based on a structure called Sonata Form created by Classical Period composers hundreds of years ago.  Students themselves will discover this by using their new active listening skills to diagram Movement 1 of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.
  • Customized & Curriculum Workshops
    Discover music & creativity with Doctor Noize! Choose from his feast of subjects inspired by his renowned Phineas McBoof adventures and Grammaropolis series. Dive into orchestras, rhyming, storytelling, and more! Tailor workshops to your needs - the Doc has you covered.

Extend the Adventure with Our Curricula!

Before and after Doctor Noize and The International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses visit your school, students can delve into hours of learning with curricula centered around each Doctor Noize release. Each free, custom-designed program is rooted in his K-8 Masters Thesis on Recording Arts Education, tested and refined alongside evolving student needs. With 10,000 hours mastering music and another 10,000 dedicated to education, Doctor Noize brings an unbeatable combination of expertise and enthusiasm to every visit. But don't worry, he'll go easy on your kids…maybe.