Kids!  Parents!  Teachers!  Grandmas!  Friends!  Here's a repository of recordings made at Doctor Noize Genius Workshops nationwide with Doctor Noize's Mobile Studio.  In most cases, these are songs written and recorded by Doctor Noize and kids in 90 minutes or less!

Thank you! I really enjoyed making the song, coming up with lerics/words, and finding the subject. It was awesome! I appreceated it very much. Thank you so much please come again. PS Disco Monkey! Zombie style.
Young Budding Geniuses Writing Music

There's nothing like the joy on a group of kids' faces as they listen back to a song they've just written and recorded.  Doctor Noize has been fortunate to see that look on young faces nationwide in his Create A Hit Song With Doctor Noize! Workshops.  Kids have far more creativity and humor than most adults can imagine.

In these songs, kids wrote the words, kids chose the instrumentation, and kids helped the Doc sing and play them.  In many cases, the song was then performed live -- Doctor Noize and the kid composers -- in front of a large audience either later that day or the day after.  This page was created so any kid can send a link of their song to anyone else, and so we can all enjoy the creative happy sounds of great kids across the country.  Enjoy!


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Doctor Noize

My gratitude’s off the charts to have a hand in this positive, proactive, inclusive, multi-racial & international project. Global sustainability’s the issue of our time, but it’s also the issue of our children’s future. Time to get ’em in the loop, in a fun & funky way, to build a brighter tomorrow holistically. Our record’s a hurricane of love for the earth & its people.

Hear Genius Workshop Recordings kids made with Doctor Noize... Straight Up (Basalt Regional Library, CO)2012 (Indianapolis Children's Museum New Year's Party, IN)
Achoo! (Los Altos School District Virtual School, CA)
The Ballad of Bosman & Saskia (Los Altos Hills Home, CA)
Be Healthy (Whitewater Wellness Project, WI)
Cave Of Bats (Los Altos Hills Home, CA)
Cheeseballs Are Great (Lusk High School Band)
Chicken! (Don't Cross The Road) (Acres Green Elementary, CO)
Chickens With Lightsabers (Palo Alto Children's Theatre, CA)
Chipmunks Playing Rock 'N' Roll (Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO)
Chris The Alien (Mars?  The Solar System?)
Disco Monkey (Eagle Ridge Elementary, Lone Tree, CO)
Dragons Licking Lollipops (Indianapolis Children's Museum, IN)
Flying Free (Dare To Dream Theatre, Sheboygan, WI)
Force To Be Squished (Levi & The Ladies, Natrona County Library, WY)
Funky Frogz (Natural History Museum, Salt Lake City, UT)
Hairball (Redding School of the Arts, CA)
Happy New Year (Indianapolis Children's Museum New Year's Party, IN)
I Like Food (Indianapolis Children's Museum, IN)
I Love Pizza (Redding School of the Arts, CA)
I'm A Monster (City of Whitewater, WI)
Meat Eaters v Horn Heads (Natural History Museum, Salt Lake City, UT)
My Puppies Don't Love Me (Indianapolis Children's Museum, IN)
Mysterious Island (Lusk Elementary/Middle School, WY)
The OG's (Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO)
Ooh (Indianapolis Children's Museum, IN)
The Push To Get Ahead (North Routt Community Charter School)
Sidney's Birthday
 (Lone Tree Birthday Party, CO)
Snake Versus Bunny (Eagle Ridge Elementary, Lone Tree, CO)
Stinky Socks In Space (City of Whitewater, WI)
Summer Song (City of Whitewater, WI)
Super Cool Ms. Theresa (Creme de la Creme Preschool, Lone Tree, CO)
Superman & Spiderman (Metropolis?  New York, NY?)
Team Flash: Awesome! (Littleton Youth Soccer Team, CO)
Who's That Boy? (Lone Tree Birthday Party, CO)
Wyoming's Ocean (Lusk High School Band)


I'm Haunted (North State Symphony, CA)