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We think you’re pretty great.
Doctor Noize

My gratitude’s off the charts to have a hand in this positive, proactive, inclusive, multi-racial & international project. Global sustainability’s the issue of our time, but it’s also the issue of our children’s future. Time to get ’em in the loop, in a fun & funky way, to build a brighter tomorrow holistically. Our record’s a hurricane of love for the earth & its people.

Fronted by international hip hop sensation, Konshens The MC, Funk The Earth is a multi-racial, international collaboration between people who share a common goal for positive social impact and sustainability.

Ella An
As a parent, I wanted to let you know that since your workshop, my daughter has been inspired to write poetry and spoken word pieces on her own and in other writing workshops. The workshop which leads the kids through the songwriting process from writing to performance is amazing. She actually performed a spoken word piece for a school talent show. These moments are small but important in building confidence and resilience.
David Bondelevitch

Fun to work with and a fine human being.

Ritika Puri

An inspiring, effective educator who left a lasting impact on my life… I have vivid memories of his high energy teaching style, positivity, and deep commitment to his students. He is rare, one of a kind, and brings out the best in everyone around him… He embodies the existence of bright light on the other side.

Doug Wheeler

The finest composer and performer of sophisticated children’s music that I know. And a genuinely honest, good person on top of that!

Mama (Inspiring Kids To Prove The Opposite)

How dare you get these kids interested in sophisticated classical music!  Kids… are NOT SMART ENOUGH for that stuff!

Eric Whitmer

I still credit Dr. Noize as being one of the foundational experiences in my musical journey… Truly your program changes lives! Who knows what I’d be majoring in at Vanderbilt if not for Phineas McBoof!  I’m majoring in percussion performance with a minor in business, focusing on arts administration and sustainability… Whoo boy that’s a mouthful!

Elementary School Teacher

Kids walked in not caring about classical music, and walked out thinking that anyone who thinks kids can’t handle classical music is uncool.

Briar Segal

I had tears in my eyes when you asked a thousand kids if they wanted to hear Beethoven’s Fifth, and they screamed yes like it was a rock show.

Grammaropolis should be a required stop on every learning roadmap.

Amanda Blackman

Beyond being a professor at CU Denver, Cullinan is a children’s recording artist, composer, and author. He knows other families are spending more time together, so he released all of Doctor Noize’s commercially released albums, videos, and learning curriculums for free online. Now, other families can also spend time at home together and connect over music, like the Cullinans.

Amanda Blackman

CU Denver Music and Entertainment Industry Studies Recording Arts Professor Cory Cullinan, AKA “Doctor Noize,” wrote an over-the-top, 70s family band-inspired song to record with his loved ones. Together with his wife and two daughters, they recorded the track and a music video for Doctor Noize’s latest hit, “Stay At Home,” in their home studio.

Eren Göknar

It’s hard to get more excited about music than Doctor Noize. This is a man on a mission – to help youngsters discover their ‘song of life’ and have the courage to share it.

Linus Flynn

5/5 Stars! The new Doctor Noize album “Homemade” is not only a great and fun album, it spreads positive messages to children stuck at home during quarantine. Great job Doctor Noize!

Kevin Spence

The “Homemade” album is full of good things, not the least of which is high production values that make every big or small component shine, and writing that appeals to kids and gets adults thinking. Doctor Noize knows what he’s doing.


Your album “Homemade” blew me away, really. Compositionally very intriguing and I found myself playing along wherever I could. High production values especially; the YouTube video had me captivated; the use you make of a few great musicians is astounding.

Jon Samson

Homemade is a melodic masterpiece and a recipe for addressing earnest issues with quirky humor and a compassionate heart.”

Doctor Noize

Every artist and engineer donated their time and talent to Homemade.  100% of net income and donations will be divided equally to its three clear purposes of COVID relief, environmentalism and home learning.  We make the world we live in.

Natalie Tysdal

Finding ways to keep the family occupied without fighting can be a challenge.  But I’ve found a family that is doing just that, and at the same time, they’re helping others.

Christian Lowe, NY Noizemaker

Today we were at the Queens County farm doing our annual hayride, pumpkin patch ritual. Our favorite part is the corn maze. They had music playing on the PA as we went through the maze — mostly Halloween music. I recognized the Moonlight Sonata (the maze had a moon theme). But one particular song caught my attention, it was your Monster Dance song!

Ryan Warner

Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

Molly Read

We would Love to have you come back to Wheatland! Your performance is a great encouragement to kids, and the “big” kids too.

Stephen Clyde

We got great feedback on your show once again!

Bonnie Ross

We enjoyed your visit a lot.

Skip Johnson

Having grown up in a town of about 1000 people in Ohio before my family moved to the huge town of Barstow, California, I first hand know that those kids will never, ever forget the precious time you spent with them.

5 Stars

Absolutely delightful! Fun and informative CD destined to entertain and educate kids of all ages!! A must-have collection for your family! Loved it!

5 Stars

Great music, great lyrics. Schoolhouse Rock for the next generation!

5 Stars

Not only does my second grader come home from school and put this album on repeat, singing along with the lyrics while she does her homework, but her 3-year old sister is picking them up too! And because of this album, my oldest put “conjunction” and “interjection” on her bonus spelling list this week. This is educational kids’ music that parents can enjoy, too! Comedic sketches, a variety of musical genres, and a parody of public radio and Fresh Air’s Terry Gross–can a parent looking for tolerable kids’ music ask for anything more?

Online Noizemaker

Grammaropolis is a clever and enjoyable way of learning grammar. Hard to believe, but it actually can make it fun for both students and parents of students studying grammar! I learned some things starting with the very first song, even though it is targeted to grades 2 – 8; my guess is that anyone much younger AND much older than that could absorb and learn from this. Grammar is such a tough thing to learn / teach, and especially remember, that Grammaropolis in general (website, stories, etc.) and the songs in particular (on this CD) seem like great tools for parents, teachers, and students.

Online Noizemaker

This musical take on the eight parts of speech is wonderful. It gives my students a point of reference and makes learning fun. I love the catchy tunes. This is a great asset for educators.

Sandra Fleming

Children in a wide range of age groups will find this app entertaining and engaging. The music videos are in many different styles, but all have catchy tunes and memorable lyrics. The characters have distinct personalities related to their focus part of speech, and they interact with one another in the imaginary world of Grammaropolis in ways that make a fun story.

Sandra Fleming

This application is well-thought-out and will provide fun ways to practice many different skills important to understanding parts of speech. The animated characters and scenes are colorful and the music videos are vibrant. The interactive books that accompany each section will captivate younger children’s attention, as well.

Abbie Ehorn

Today I teach kindergarten, first and second grade (all double classes with 50 kids).  350 kids through the door today. They were thrilled to see the new book up on the music stand.  We reviewed posters of instrument families and the instruments they saw with the symphony, remembered the first adventures and who Phineas met on his quest and were now in the band. Used the CD, cut and pasted to fit the 20 minutes and had kids play various parts. Some kids were even teary when Phineas left his goodbye song. Of course at the end we all jump around to “Banana” before they line up. So your work continues and thank you!

Amy Lujan

Yes, the song fragments are still running through my head!

Adam Bock

Two quick reactions from the kids on “Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony”: My daughter came running through the house: “Daddy! Daddy! Placido the Flamingo and the opera guys know the Banana song!” When Phineas and the band meet Cory singing to kids, my daughter said, “Ohhhh, he’s a really bad singer.” During “Carry On,” my son started crying, got his comfort blanket, climbed into a cardboard box, and closed it up behind him. At the end of Carry On, my daughter asked, “Why is Phineas gone?” and my son came out of the box to say, “He had to go away because he couldn’t do his music with all the screaming. It was just like in the first album, remember? That was why he left in the boat in the first place.” Clearly, he gets it. Great work, as always.

Rachel Gerson

Thank you for putting on two great shows.  It’s always fun to see you, all the kids had a great time, myself included :). We are big fans!  All three of my kids insisted on reading both books last night before bed even though it was 9:45, and they were exhausted.  And one of my techs at work just called to say she dreamt that Phineas McBoof was on the X-ray schedule today 🙂

Felicia Ross

Thank you immensely for the spirited Dr. Noize presentation on Friday at Evergreen Middle School.  We have a thank you card to send to you full of student comments.

Jay Kadis

In a thousand years someone is going to dig this up and have to rewrite the history books on 21st popular music.

Jane Archibald

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you for giving such a great show last Friday. In total we managed to raise HK$13,790 for bring me a book which is fantastic plus the feedback from parents (and children alike) has been wonderful and very positive indeed. In fact, everyone wants to know when you’ll be back to do another show!

Jay Kadis

Masterpiece! Nice work, Dr. Noize!  It really sounds great. Thanks.

Cliff Davidson

Thanks for the great show today at the Wildlife Experience.  My kids and I had a lot of fun! Awesome! You have a new fan, and I’ll make sure everyone around here knows about Doctor Noize!

Amy Kidd

Thanks again for making my son feel so very special today at the Indy Childrens museum, he really enjoyed helping on stage 🙂  You are awesome! 

Kyron Leslie

I’m fascinated by you project man. Sincerely.  The vintage packaging. The illustrations. The music. It’s genius bro.

Roberta Piket

This is AWESOME. So entertaining and hip. I especially remember the love duet – maybe it was about action verbs. Wonderful for all ages.

Roberta Piket

I really do love Grammaropolis. I love stuff that doesn’t talk down to kids but requires them to “come up” to it, even if that requires repeated listening. Do you think anyone would laugh at me if I put Grammarolpolis on MY ipod even though I don’t have kids?


Listening to Grammaropolis-such a wonderful concept and love the songs, lyrics!

Jennifer Thomas

I’ve checked your album out already and it’s really fantastic! I’ve got a 2 and 4 yr old so I know they’ll enjoy it. 🙂

Greg of Greg & Steve

Congratulations on the terrific album.

Austin Wintory

Will consider this mission accomplished. What clever and great lyrics, and so ridiculously full of energy. It’s also very musical. It’s not just slavishly pursuing some ‘goal,’ like communicating grammar … it’s real music. Seriously I am floored, it’s awesome. This is what children’s music should be. “Interjections” in particular was hilariously awesome, especially leading into ‘it’s how you feel.’


A REAL pleasure listening to “Noun Town!”  The whole educational vibe is great … especially in this day and age of such poor grammar!

Brittni Paiva

Awesome project geared for kids.   Wish I had this when I was young. 

Deborah Johnson

I have listened to GRAMMAROPOLIS! It’s a great project.  Many congratulations to you!

Coert Voorhees

So, I listened to the album again to and from school dropoff, because I was curious as to how it compared to what we’ve been listening to. I have to tell you that (although I am biased) from a musical perspective – engineering, musicianship, etc – ours is as good as anything I’ve heard throughout this whole process. People may or may not like the songs, but they can’t argue with the fact that the album is of the highest quality. Thanks so much for being such a stickler about things! We had a stickler for the lyrics and a stickler for the music, and it turned out awesome. I’m really glad we’re doing this.

Joshua Cheek

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BRILLIANT DISC! “Adjectives” was hilarious! Very Danny Elfman/Tim Burtonesque. LOVE IT! “Noun Town” was WAAAY funky, “Paint the Way” had a creepy/funny dark cabaret feel… the whole thing left me craving the tickle of a manitee’s whiskers on my lips.

Geomungo Factory

I just checked out your home page. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!? This is really exciting stuff, man! I completely admire and embrace what you are doing! Your work becomes increasingly important (and urgent) when seen against the backdrop of the recent crises impacting numerous orchestral budgets (Chicago, Atlanta, the SWR in Germany just shuttered one of the country’s premiere orchestras, etc., etc.) to say nothing about the potential pick-slipping of “Big Bird!”. It’s a privilege to support your projects!

Jenny Oaks Baker

I have listened to this album and I am a fan! You are doing amazing things for kids through this music!

Austin Wintory

Really really wonderful. I went on and on about all the musical virtue I found in it, not just with regards to the Children’s albums, but in general. Very beautifully put together.

Tracy Vignati

 I absolutely LOVE what you’re doing!  Fresh, dramatic! Brilliant!

Lennox Montrose

Seems like the Dads put lots of wholesome, uplifting energy into the project. Well Done!

Katie Brady

The doctor is IN!  That email/press release is amazing.  Makes me want to run right out and buy 20 copies!!!  What you all are accomplishing is wonderful.

Jack Forman

Huge congrats on a great record and a super cool concept for making kids excited!

Hershel Yatovitz

Cory, I APPLAUD you big time, if anyone deserves accolades it’s you, for your fine work, not blowing steam! Keep it up.

Linda Jordan

Last night I read your new book “The Return of Phineas McBoof” to my ten-year-old granddaughter.  We both laughed a lot and then gave it to her twin brother Nicholas, who read it, too.  Olivia always wants a bedtime story, but usually goes to sleep in the middle of it and never asks to read it along with me.  This time she insisted I sit on the bed so that she could watch the pictures and the words along with me. I think you must be the musical sequel or successor to Dr. Seuss, and heaven knows the world needs something funny with a sophisticated message hidden in it to laugh at!

Mariea Watkins

Good doctor you are incredible! Your website has everything for kids. I loved it! When I heard Banana I was just done! What talent you have.

Rupam Sarmah

My kids loved it, we watched it together. Animation and characters are very nicely created for the kids. Keep up the great work that you have been doing. 

Rupam Sarmah

I loved your work.

Jeff Carruthers

I think this is the best approach for teaching I’ve heard.

Michael Stanwood

So very impressive. It is such a great way for kids to learn, and also my favorite thing to do with them, writing about what they are studying. A favorite way of learning.

Music with BRIAN

Dude, I’m still laughing. That is truly awesome. Great music and Shrek-style lyrics in that they are as funny for adults as kids.

Katrina Dornig

I gave my dear friends copies of your books today! They have two daughters who are 5 and 3. At dinner they all go around and say what their favorite part of the day was. Their daughter announced that her favorite part of the day was hanging out together reading your books and giggling about your zany cast of characters. Apparently they insisted on multiple re-reads of the books that night.   So, there you go, you touched two more little kidlets.  Just beautiful.

Carrie Birge

Thank you again so much for coming to the museum and sharing your talents with our visitors! We really appreciate it!

Jeff Patched

I watched your show from above and from across the way by the Food was great…kind of a crazy day…thanks for making our Countdown to New Years so special…you were wonderful as always!!

Molly Voorhees

I just want you to know that I love singing the banana song in the car with my kids. It’s fun and silly and makes us laugh as a family.

Stefan Shepherd

I know, Kids Place Live listeners are probably tired of this song, seeing as its been played there for months now, but for those who haven’t heard this, it’s an introductory song for Grammaropolis called “Welcome to Grammaropolis” (natch) and in addition to it being an amusing song it has an amusing video to match. (Unsurprising, considering it’s a Doctor Noize joint, and Cory’s pretty much the funniest guy in kids music, and that’s saying something.)

Stefan Shepherd

Those of you who are familiar with Doctor Noize’s work on Grammaropolis or the first Phineas McBoof album know that the albums throw in everything including the kitchen sink to entertain with the ulterior motive being to educate. The new album is no different — an amusing story well-told and -sung. Recommended.

Stefan Shepherd

It’s a fun story and there’s a lot of thought and care put into the production. (Also, I kinda want to make “For The Children” required listening for anyone thinking of making music for kids.)

David Yearsley

The album is a towering artistic achievement, that never feels weighty and reveals new secrets with each listening.

David Yearsley

The fundamental belief motivating Cullinan’s efforts as an untiring live performer and recording artist is that kids are the most creative, demanding, and resourceful listeners. Dumbing things down for their supposed benefit is not only boring and insulting, but misses a huge opportunity for involving young listeners in the joys of music-making, invention, and self-discovery. And like the best of “children’s” cinema, literature, and music, his work operates on several levels, pleasing, edifying, entertaining, and occasionally mystifying not just kids of all ages, but people of all ages.

Ed Gutentag

YOU are YOUR STORY. YOU are where you are because of how you dealt with YOUR story. People are naturally going to get on board/support you because WE WANT YOUR SPIRIT. You’re a modern day “Rudy.” You’re saying “Hey, I’ve had enough tragedy in my life to really bring me down, but it’s uplifted me.” You’re someone that people want to be! Love your spirit buddy.

Elizabeth Waldman Frazier

It has been such a joy working with you.  You are an amazing person.

Santosh Khalsa

Opera for kids…. “Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony” is GENIUS. And it’s so fun, and at times, lyrical, lush, the piece from the last few minutes gave me chills. I love this project. Absolutely AMAZING. Really love what you’re doing. So much kid’s music today is pandering, but yours is intelligent, engaging, fun, at times awe-inspiring, and something parents will enjoy as much as their kids. Fantastic fantastic work.

Very Enthusiastic Noizemaker

Listening now, I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santosh Khalsa

Omg “Punctuate This!” is SO FUN!!! We got the comma, we got the semi-colon…. LOLOLOL this made me giggle. Love the 50s and 60’s blues/rocknroll. This is absolutely tickled me! I love everything about this album. Wonderful wonderful work!!

Stuart Motola

I loved your CD and your creative vivacious spirit!

Philip Sayblack

Being a public radio supporter I’ve heard my share of classical children’s records. “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony” is NOTHING like any of those.  It is one of the most original classical children’s records that I’ve ever heard, if not the single most original.  It is also extremely enjoyable.  I would actually love to see this translated to a live stage setting.  Thank you again for sending it.

Katherine Dines

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  What a fabulous piece of work.

Dan Pavlich

I have to remark again at how lush and beautiful the whole record sounds. In this age of digital recording, it’s very rare to hear a record that really SOUNDS good, regardless of genre. My ears certainly appreciated it. I listen to hundreds of projects every year, and these ears get tired, let me tell you! Best of luck with everything, you’re doing great work!

Lori Henriques

Wow is my son enchanted with your albums! He cheers when he hears them start up in the car. Seriously. Also, he was talking about how “Awesome” is his favorite song and how he wants to sing it for Grammy, as he was singing it for me. You did a good thing. And you’re about to do another good thing.

Lori Henriques

You know this, but I will say it again: It’s REALLY good. So very marvelous!

Lori Henriques

Of course, I just LOVE it when my son is so moved by songs and/or stories, and you’ve made something that is PERFECT for him. We were in the car – waaaay too late, after eating dinner at my parents’ tonight – and started listening to your first disc, and my son could hardly come inside.

Katherine Dines

“Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony” is an amazing body of work!

Station Manager

Fantastic — thanks for sharing. We will be sure to add the pre-release singles. Wonderful tracks.

James Kimo West

I have listened to some of Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony and it is quite an impressive production with the orchestra and vocalists and story line! Congrats on an epic record!

Emilio Miller

WOW… just wow. I did not see this coming! Thankfully, because it surprised me in the most amazing way… what a monumental production!! It’s hard to find one aspect in which “Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony” doesn’t shine equally bright. The concept, the writing, the performance… children who can sing and act. People will find an album like this too complex for children, perhaps because they will analyze it from their adult capacities and limitations, whereas children will just listen with an open heart and mind. Not me: I really love that there are still artists like yourself, thinking and creating *music*, GREAT music, with every emotional shade and nuance, that are willing to take on a massive, orchestral, conceptual, double album, that can provide kids with a story they can follow and situations and characters for them to imagine, in contrast to the lullabies and sing-alongs. My sincerest congratulations…

Fred Weldy

You should be very proud of the work you’ve done — it’s quite an accomplishment!

Seth Killen

This project was one of my favorite things I’ve done in the business of singing.  Thanks for letting me be a part of the band!  I popped the CD on and the girls were captivated.  We are going to enjoy it for many years to come! Thanks!!!

Ben Evans

Got the two “Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony” CD’s, listened to them, and they are EPIC!!!

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