Impeccably illustrated books with production values normally reserved for animated feature films introduce adventurers of all ages to Doctor Noize’s world of creativity, curiosity and character. Embrace stories of diversity and leadership with lovable, colorful characters.

My son cannot get enough of the book, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof… as well as its companion CD. Through the crazy adventures of Phineas the rock star monkey and his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses, he’s able to discover the wonder and joy of making music with friends. The story is fun to read. The illustrations are wonderful. And the music is a treat for both of us.
Cory Fossum

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The first thing I completed as Doctor Noize wasn’t a recording or a live concert.  It was the story and text of the rhyming odyssey poem whose two Acts became the first two Doctor Noize books and albums.  It all starts with the story and characters.

Doctor Noize

Doctor Noize — a parent who loves colorful characters and words and studied writing at Stanford — tells his tall tales of Phineas McBoof and The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses in these beloved children’s books.  Featuring an odyssey of character, purpose and friendship through witty and sophisticated rhyming wordplay, these books follow the same stories as the recordings of the same name, providing a rich verbal and visual rendition of the musicals.

The books’ colorful 3D illustrations are expressed in gorgeous detail by Art Director Yan Miu and his team of artists at Outblaze's Dream Cortex, giving depth and emotional resonance to the original 2D character designs by artist Christian Lowe.  In the tradition of great children’s literature, Doctor Noize’s writing for kids challenges readers with creative words both real and imagined.  Visit the world of Doctor Noize like never before!