Hit kids’ musician Doctor Noize’s first album features the national #1 hit song smash Banana and the sophisticated musical theatre style of music, storytelling and characters that has made Doctor Noize productions beloved by kids, parents and educators alike.

- Award-Winning Children's Recording Artist
On first listening I thought you were great. On second listening I thought you were brilliant. Now that I can’t force myself to take your CD out of my CD player I just think you’re a genius. This is one of the best kid CDs I’ve ever heard. My wife and I are now in the process of adopting a whole orphanage of kids just so we can have an excuse to listen to your CD…

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Doctor Noize productions inspire kids' minds and creativity and bring friends and families together.  Stream The Ballad of Phineas McBoof here free because the Doc believes great educational media should be available to all.  Then go pay it forward with what you do in your own life.

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I wrote and recorded The Ballad of Phineas McBoof when I was a high school music teacher, documentary film composer, and new parent.  Basically, I wrote what I’d want to listen to with my own kids.  To my great delight, other parents, educators and kids agreed with me.  And thus Doctor Noize was born.

Doctor Noize

Phineas McBoof — the great rock star monkey from the Isle of Thelonious — has become so popular, he can no longer hear himself perform over the screaming fans at his concerts. So one night, he leaves fame and fortune behind to refocus on his true passion — music. He hops on a rowboat with his guitar and launches a journey that introduces him to a much larger world of music than even he imagined. Along the way, he meets a colorful cast of creative creatures. Together, they celebrate their diversity and form a new band: The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses

The record that started it all begins with the same preposterous production quality that’s become the norm on every Doctor Noize album — an album composed by a man equally adept at penning pop gems, orchestral operas and tall tales, in what Sirius/XM Kids Place Live! Program Director Mindy Thomas called “rock opera for kids” and “how kids’ music should be.”  Featuring a stellar voice cast and musicians from some of pop’s most legendary bands, this album and the illustrated book of the same name are your launchpads for the irresistible Doctor Noize adventure.