Doctor Noize & The Band

The Doc's a Stanford-educated father, chart-topping musician, commissioned composer for stage and screen, author, award-winning teacher, speaker, studio owner and humorist. Doctor Noize ignites imaginations with vibrant songs, engaging workshops, and interactive performances, sparking joy for children and anyone who likes to have fun. Featuring strong male, female, and diverse characters with contrasting and collaborating perspectives, his work is for everyone.

Mission Statement: Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art, and words.

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Dad/Daughter Show

The April Noizeletter introduces the new father/daughter adult show by Doctor Noize's alter ego Cory Cullinan & Riley Max!

Kindie Podcast

Doctor Noize joined his daughter, recording artist Riley Max, for an interview, song and video tour on the Kindie Rock Stars Podcast.

Climate Board

Doctor Noize has been elected to the Stanford Alumni For Climate Change Board based on his recordings on the subject like Funk The Earth.

Kids Award Host

Doctor Noize was invited to host the international Funky Kids Radio Awards, and had a blast presenting awards to luminaries in the field.

Vivian's Awards!

Cory Co-Produced Vivian Fang Liu's Album Of The Year, Best Music Video & Kindie Song Of The Decade at the Funky Kids Radio Awards.

  • The Mayor

    No.  Better get the app.

  • Eric Whitmer

    I still credit Dr. Noize as being one of the foundational experiences in my musical journey… Truly your program changes lives! Who knows what I’d be majoring in at Vanderbilt if not for Phineas McBoof!  I’m majoring in percussion performance with a minor in business, focusing on arts administration and sustainability… Whoo boy that’s a mouthful!

  • Evy Schiffman

    Award-winning Dr. Noize will take audience members on a musical adventure as he performs on multiple instruments, arranging and recording songs on the spot, inviting attendees onstage to contribute to the music. Doc has inspired enthusiastic audiences of all ages across the country with his totally innovative, interactive performance approach! His concerts are known for their crowd participation and wowza cool technology.