Choose one of Doctor Noize's well-honed inspirational workshop topics, or design one of your own in collaboration with him.  Let's bring our positive energy and get these kids thinking, reaching and growing together!  The world depends on it, and they're up to the challenge.

The program went exactly as outlined in our application. Over 900 children and 350 adults attended the performances, and a lucky few were even called up on stage to sing, dance and “chomp” along with the music. Attendance at the Family Concert was an impressive 50% youths under 18. The concerts were so successful that we have decided to bring Doctor Noize back for an expanded Music in the Schools program and additional Family Concert. We would like to have Doctor Noize himself visit each of the elementary schools during a week-long residency. We’ve become such a fan of Doctor Noize that we are also helping him to schedule appearances in neighboring Southeast Alaska communities next spring.
Valerie Snyder

Workshop Topics

Option #1:  Create A Hit Song With Doctor Noize!
What’s the formula of most popular songs today? It’s not complicated. You can learn it. You can hear it. And you can write it. In 90 minutes, Doctor Noize writes and records a song with Genius Campers on his mobile studio or at Reach Studios — lyrics, music, everything — in an energized and challenging interactive workshop unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. The next day, the song’s posted online on the Genius Workshop Recordings Page for all to hear. This Workshop is based on the Doc’s popular high school songwriting and recording class that yielded 150 student songs during the Doc’s five-year teaching tenure.

Option #2:  From Beethoven To Bieber:  How To Listen
In 45-90 minutes, Doctor Noize will teach students how to actively listen to and analyze their favorite current popular songs by today’s pop stars, encouraging the students to pick the songs.  They’ll interactively master Popular Song Structure, and then the Doc will unlock a secret to blow their minds:  their favorite songs are based on a structure called Sonata Form created by Classical Period composers hundreds of years ago.  Students themselves will discover this by using their new active listening skills to diagram Movement 1 of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.  Most people — even pop stars — don’t have a clue where the music they love comes from.  But attendees of this workshop will, and it will open up a new level of curiosity and sophistication to their listening skills.

Option #3:  Customized & Curriculum Workshops
Book Genius Camp Workshops taught by Doctor Noize on any of the feast of subjects on music and creativity taught in his production-based Learning Curricula.  Learn all about the orchestra — its instruments, its history, and which instrument section is the most fussy — in workshops built around the Doc’s nationally acclaimed Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony with its composer and librettist.  Study rhyming, wordplay, storytelling and character with the author of the Phineas McBoof books and Grammaropolis series of recordings.  Doctor Noize can build learning days around any of his Learning Curricula or a subject of your choosing!  There’s plenty more to learn, year after year — all from a master teacher who is also an acclaimed recording artist, performer and author.

Writing a song at Reach with Doctor Noize's Mobile Studio

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Let’s make a positive impact together.

Doctor Noize

You have several options to deepen the inspirational live learning experience with Doctor Noize.  First, it's always a great idea to introduce your students the albums, books and Learning Curricula before the Doc arrives.  Second, Workshops booked in conjunction with Shows — different interactive experiences combining and contributing to a deeper and more lasting experience — can be booked at a discount.  And third, you can book Doctor Noize for 3-Day Teaching Residencies at your school or organization, either on their own or in conjunction with Solo or Symphony Shows in your area.

You can also learn with Doctor Noize right in his creative space at Reach Studios.  Doctor Noize offers Reach Studios Genius Workshops to adventurers in Colorado who’d like to learn about the above subjects plus get hands-on experience running and recording in a state-of-the-art professional recording studio.  And the Doc's five-room studio... also has an indoor soccer and dodgeball turf field.  Genius Workshops at Reach include fun field breaks and crescendo with a recording of the students’ own song.  Contact to book your own individual adventure.