Upon listening to “Punctuate This!”, my first impression was that the music was approachable, while remaining true to the styles you visit, adding the fun interstitials, and having a solid, educational concept to encompass it all. The designs reminded me of characters in the movie “Inside Out” a little bit (which is a compliment!), and that could give way to a lot of interaction with the kids when this music is performed live… not to mention a short animated series! (hint! hint!). I bet teachers will be using them in the classroom quite a bit, if you can get this material to them in some way. Overall, I like that this is conceived as an integral product with many sides to it… and what I mentioned about a TV series could also take the shape of an interactive musical of some sort… but maybe I’m just listing things you’ve already thought of :). Anyway… congrats on another fantastic release; so different musically, yet as strong conceptually as your last one!