by Skip Johnson
El Crystal Elementary School Principal
I have been in the education business as a teacher and administrator for over 35 years. Twenty plus years ago I had the incredible, memorable experience of working at Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California with a unique, talented group of students as the Assistant Principal of Student Activities. One of my assigned roles in that position was meeting daily with the elected student government officers to facilitate the planning of their various activities and to provide them with the opportunity to learn and exercise various leadership skills. Cory Cullinan (Dr. Noize) was the Student Body President at that time.
At the age of seventeen he was poised, clear thinking, intelligent, and gregarious with a keen sense of insight and humor. Our meetings were fun (sometimes almost hysterical) yet we accomplished a great deal under Cory’s leadership. We established a pattern of week long Homecoming Activities the current student government uses as a template to this day. We sponsored workshops and training seminars to better engage the increasing minority population at our school. Under Cory’s guidance being involved in student government was perceived as the ‘cool’ thing to do. School Spirit became the norm at Los Altos High School.

Last week my small elementary school in San Bruno, California had the rich experience of a Dr. Noize assembly. From the onset of the program to its conclusion the students were engaged, delighted, and involved. Cory still displays a high level of spirit, energy, and gregariousness that is highly infectious. It is one week later and the students continue to ask when Dr. Noize will return.

The substance of the assembly, the electronic and digital generation of music based upon the whimsical character, a monkey named Phineas McBoof, although the intended purpose of the program, is not what the students have stated or perhaps even understood was the intended learning experience. Their perceptions include fun, energy, their excited involvement, and the observance of a talented individual. The younger students just laughed and laughed. The older students laughed as well but they also were ‘hooked’ by the technology devices Dr. Noize used to engage and entertain them.

I encourage you to include Dr. Noize (Cory Cullinan) in your repertoire of entertainment audiences. He will become a highly sought after booking. If you need further information or wish to discuss my experience with Dr. Noize, do not hesitate to call or send me an email.

Principal Skip Johnson
Principal Skip Johnson
Doctor Noize
Doctor Noize
This Is No Fun At All

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Ella An
As a parent, I wanted to let you know that since your workshop, my daughter has been inspired to write poetry and spoken word pieces on her own and in other writing workshops. The workshop which leads the kids through the songwriting process from writing to performance is amazing. She actually performed a spoken word piece for a school talent show. These moments are small but important in building confidence and resilience.