Doctor Noize empowers people of all ages to reach and learn. His teaching's backed by a Stanford Music degree; award-winning years as a high school Arts, Communication & Technology Department Head; a Recording Arts Masters; and a Thesis in K-6 Recording Arts education.

It’s hard to get more excited about music than Doctor Noize. This is a man on a mission – to help youngsters discover their ‘song of life’ and have the courage to share it.
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It’s imperative that we reteach our culture to be curious and intellectual.  As a lifelong student and teacher — and a parent and children’s musician in the modern technology age — I consider it my duty to impart a love of learning and the joy of building a sophisticated intellect to the next generation.

Doctor Noize

Life’s always a party when you’re having fun getting smarter. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking hard work and spirited play are two different things — the combination of the two makes you better, and is called inspiration. Doctor Noize was elected to the Recording Academy Board of Governors and serves on the Education Committee. He's also Director of Recording Arts at Regis University, and teaches recording at Stanford University and Reach Studios.

You can get a deeper understanding of the things taught in Doctor Noize's productions by exploring them in conjunction with his free Learning Curricula.  There's one for each album and book.  You can create new music and learn in person with Doctor Noize at one of his innovative Genius Workshops, exploring the genius of every kid there.  And you can have all sorts of fun at the the Doc's Stay At Home Page, created to give kids weeks of engaging edutainment on their own.